3813 : Effective Reporting for Microsoft Power BI Contributors

3817 : Microsoft Power BI for Viewers
MS-102T00: Microsoft 365 Administrator

3813 : Effective Reporting for Microsoft Power BI Contributors

Power BI Viewer is an easy-to-use, flexible and secure application that lets you share and manage all of your organisation’s reports and dashboards from a single, customisable and configurable environment.

Τhe main purpose of the course is to give students a good understanding of what contributors can do in Power BI.

Duration :

Instructor Led : 8h

Live Online
Instructor Led : 8h


This course will likely be attended from people who create, edit, delete and publish reports in workspaces in Power BI.

Module 1 : Discover data analysis

  • Overview of data analysis
  • Roles in data
  • Tasks of a data analyst


Module 2 : Get started building with Power BI

  • Use Power BI
  • Building blocks of Power BI
  • Tour and use the Power BI service


Module 3 : Work with Power BI visuals

  • Introduction to work with Power BI visuals
  • Add visualization items to reports
  • Choose an effective visualization
  • Format and configure visualizations
  • Work with key performance indicators


Module 4 : Create a data-driven story with Power BI reports

  • Design a report layout
  • Add buttons, bookmarks, and selections
  • Design report navigation
  • Use basic interactions
  • Use advanced interactions and drillthrough
  • Configure conditional formatting
  • Apply slicing, filtering, and sorting
  • Export reports
  • Comment on reports
  • Optimize reports for mobile use


Module 5 : Create dashboards in Power BI

  • Introduction to dashboards
  • Configure data alerts
  • Explore data by asking questions
  • Add a dashboard theme
  • Pin a live report page to a dashboard
  • Configure a real-time dashboard
  • Set mobile view


Module 6 : Perform analytics in Power BI

  • Introduction to analytics
  • Explore statistical summary
  • Identify outliers with Power BI visuals
  • Group and bin data for analysis
  • Apply clustering techniques
  • Conduct time series analysis
  • Use the Analyze feature
  • Review Quick insights
  • Apply AI Insights


Module 7 : Work with AI visuals in Power BI

  • Introduction to working with AI visuals
  • Use the Q&A visual
  • Find important factors with the Key influencers visual
  • Use the Decomposition Tree visual to break down a measure


Module 8 : Create and manage workspaces in Power BI

  • Introduction
  • Distribute a report or dashboard


Module 9 : Manage datasets in Power BI

  • Create dynamic reports with parameters
  • Create what-if parameters
  • Manage and promote datasets

No exam available.

An awareness of key business priorities such as revenue, profitability, and financial accounting is desirable.

Familiarity with Microsoft Office applications – particularly Excel.

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Delivery Format Language
Live Online* On hold Instructor Led Greek

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