55154 : Office 365 for the End-User

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55154 : Office 365 for the End-User

This course is designed for information workers who are using or will use Office 365. This course will provide students with the knowledge and skills to efficiently use Office 365 on a day-to-day basis. The course is designed with real world scenarios in mind. Students will learn how to use Outlook Online, Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, and OneNote. At the end of this course students will be able to effectively navigate Office 365 and make use of all of the features of Office 365.


The duration of the program :

Instructor Led : 8 h

Live Online
Instructor Led : 8 h


This course is intended for anyone who is using or will use Office 365. The course is also intended for decision makers who are trying to understand the features and benefits of Office 365 and how it can increase employee productivity.

Module 1: Office 365 Overview

This module will help students understand what Office 365 is and the components that make up Office 365. Students will learn how Office 365 can increase work productivity by allowing them to work when and where they need to.


·         Office 365 Overview

·         Accessing Office 365

·         Managing Office 365 profiles


Module 2: Using Outlook Online

This module describes how to use Outlook Online. Students will learn how to manage their email, create contacts, create groups, manage attachments, create calendar views, and manage Outlook settings.


·         Manage Email

·         Managing Calendars

·         Managing Contacts

·         Configuring Outlook Options


Module 3: Using Skype for Business

This module will introduce students to Skype for Business. Students will learn how to use Skype for Business for instant messaging, web conferencing, and audio and video conferencing.


·         Skype for Business overview

·         Instant Messaging in Skype for Business

·         Conferencing in Skype for Business


Module 4: Using SharePoint Online

This module introduces students to SharePoint Online. Students will learn how locate and share documents in SharePoint Online. After completing this module students will be able to customize their SharePoint site, search for content, customize workflows in SharePoint Online, and configure list-based information management.


·         Working with site content and navigation

·         Managing workflows in SharePoint Online

·         Implement information management policies


Module 5: Using OneDrive for Business and OneNote Online

This module will show students how to create, modify, save, and share documents using OneDrive for Business. Students will learn how to create and open OneNote notebooks and work with OneNote sections and pages and how to add new content to a new OneNote page.


·         OneDrive Overview

·         OneNote Online Overview

This course does not map to an exam.

Before attending this course, students must have:

·         Basic understanding of Microsoft Office

·         Basic understanding of Microsoft Windows Operating systems

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Live Online* 10,12-Οκτ Δε,Τε 17:30-20:45 Instructor Led
Live Online* 14,16-Νοε Δε,Τε 17:30-20:45 Instructor Led
Live Online* 19,21-Δεκ Δε,Τε 17:30-20:45 Instructor Led

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