582 : Advanced Outlook Concepts

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582 : Advanced Outlook Concepts

Tips ‘n’ Tricks for Increased Productivity

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 Zero Inbox Philosophy

•      Categorize your work

•      Email management

•      Time management with Calendar and Tasks

•      When to use Folders, To – dos, Flags for Follow-up, Reminders, Calendar Events and Appointments



Customize Outlook’s Interface

•      Working with Favourites

•      Working with Views

•      Focused Inbox

•      View messages by conversation

•      Creating a Custom View

•      Sorting and Filtering Messages within a View

•      Working with Categories


Rules and Automation

•      Using Instant Search

•      Using a Search Folder

•      Creating a Custom Search Folder

•      Automating Common Tasks with Quick Steps

•      Customising a Default Quick Step

•      Creating a Custom Quick Step

•      Retention Policies

•      Archiving Messages

•      Working with Rules

•      Creating a New Rule from a Template

•      Rule Conditions, Actions and Exceptions

•      Managing Existing Rules

•      Sending Automatic Responses


Using Calendar and Tasks Effectively

•      Scheduling Appointments and Events

•      Creating Recurring Appointments

•      Scheduling Free and Busy Times

•      The Scheduling Assistant

•      Categorising Activities

•      Scheduling a Meeting

•      Responding to Meeting Requests

•      Tasks and To-dos

•      Daily Tasks List in Calendar

•      Delegate a Task


Tips and Tricks

•      Integration with Ms Teams

•      Integration with One Drive – Replace attachments with links for collaboration

•      Integration with Outlook Mobile

•      Multiple windows

•      Peek pane

•      Drag and drop to create new items

•      Natural language dates

•      Create and use Contact Groups

•      Install and use Add – ins

•      Use Conditional Formatting to color – code emails

•      Effective use of the Drafts Folder

•      Using Date Navigator for custom Calendar views

•      Changing time scale

•      Show different time zones

•      Mail merging

•      Work Offline

•      Quick Parts

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