Mobility Fundamentals

Networking Essentials
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Mobility Fundamentals

Wireless and mobility technologies are essential skills for a networking career in today’s Digital Transformation. Mobility Fundamentals builds upon skills taught in CCNA R&S, providing learners foundational wireless knowledge and skills. This a community-developed course delivered self-paced, in a module-series format. It teaches:
• Wireless Technology Concepts
• Wireless LAN Design, Configuration, Security and Troubleshooting
• Mobility Applications

The duration of the program :

Instructor Led : 8h

Live Online
Instructor Led : 8h

On-Demand Online
Self-paced : 9h

• Current CCNA R&S or CCENT students wanting to build on their mobility and wireless technology knowledge and skills
• Learners interested in Internet of Things (IoT) with basic IP Networking knowledge

Module 1:

Bogdan Doinea describes the evolution of wireless communications, detailing the technologies and standards that enables the mobile phenomenon and affects how we work, learn, and play today.

Module 2:

Learn about the most important, popular, and commonly used Wireless network today: the Wireless LAN. Vinh Ho and Eric Kwok detail the essential components in a Wireless LAN infrastructure, the operation of a Wireless LAN, and how to plan for a Wireless LAN deployment.

Module 3:

Subhrendu Guha Neogi shows how to configure the essential components in a Wireless LAN infrastructure, specifically the access points, wireless router, and the clients. Learn how to set up a simple home network.

Module 4:

William H. Wolfe explains the vulnerabilities and threats on a wireless LAN and the need for wireless LAN security. Threat mitigation technologies, authentication and encryption protocols necessary for security wireless LANs are also covered.

Module 5:

The proliferation of mobile and wireless access has brought about the Bring Your Own Device trend. See Kay Leong explains the need for companies/schools to develop both policies and a support structure addressing the burgeoning number of employee-owned/student-owned devices in the workplaces/schools today.

Module 6:

No wireless LAN can escape the need for troubleshooting. William H. Wolfe shares the need for careful preparation, planning, design of wireless LANs to ensure optimal performance. Good troubleshooting tools and a systematic approach can help isolate and resolve those problems faster.

Certificate of Completion after each module .

CCENT-level networking knowledge and skills

Τόπος Ημερομηνίες Ωράριο Μέθοδος
On-Demand Online* άμεσα διαθέσιμο 24h/7d Self-paced
Αθήνα Σε αναμονή Instructor Led
Θεσσαλονίκη Σε αναμονή Instructor Led
Live Online** Σε αναμονή Instructor Led

* Ασύγχρονη εξ αποστάσεως εκπαίδευση – Self paced

** Σύγχρονη εξ αποστάσεως εκπαίδευση με εισηγητή – Virtual Class

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