SPC : Spring Core Training

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SPB : Spring Boot

SPC : Spring Core Training

This course offers hands-on experience with the major features of Spring. On completion, participants will have a foundation for creating enterprise applications.


The duration of the program :

Instructor Led : 40 h

Live Online
Instructor Led  : 40 h

Target Audience

Application developers who want to increase their understanding of Spring and Spring Boot with hands-on experience and a focus on fundamentals.

Module 1 : Introduction to Spring

·            Java configuration and the Spring application context

·            @Configuration and @Bean annotations

·            @Import: working with multiple configuration files

·            Defining bean scopes

·            Launching a Spring Application and obtaining Beans


Module 2 : Spring JAVA Configuration: A Deeper Look 

·            External properties & Property sources

·            Environment abstraction

·            Using bean profiles

·            Spring Expression Language (SpEL)


Module 3 : Annotation-based Dependency Injection

·            Component scanning

·            Autowiring using @Autowired

·            Java configuration versus annotations, mixing.

·            Lifecycle annotations: @PostConstruct and

·            @PreDestroy

·            Stereotypes and meta-annotations


Module 4 : Factory Pattern in Spring

·            Using Spring FactoryBeans


Module 5 : Advanced Spring: How Does Spring Work Internally?   

·            The Spring Bean Lifecycle

·            The BeanFactoryPostProcessor interception point

·            The BeanPostProcessor interception point

·            Spring Bean Proxies

·            @Bean method return types


Module 6 : Aspect-oriented programming  

·            What problems does AOP solve?

·            Defining pointcut expressions

·            Implementing various types of advice


Module 7 : Testing a Spring-based Application  

·            Spring and Test-Driven Development

·            Spring 5 integration testing with JUnit 5

·            Application context caching and the @DirtiesContext annotation

·            Profile selection with @ActiveProfiles

·             Easy test data setup with @Sql


Module 8 : Data Accss and JDBC with Spring  

·            How Spring integrates with existing data access technologies

·            DataAccessException hierarchy

·            Spring‘s JdbcTemplate


Module 9 : Database Transactions with Spring  

·            Transactions overview

·            Transaction management with Spring

·            Transaction propagation and rollback rules

·            Transactions and integration testing

Some developer experience using Java, an IDE (Eclipse, STS or IntelliJ) and build tools such as Maven or Gradle

Certification : Spring Certified Professional

Courses : Spring Core Training & Spring Boot

Location Dates Time (UTC+2 ) Delivery Format Language
Live Online*, Athens, Thessaloniki Instructor Led Greek

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