6010 : Microsoft OneNote

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DP-900T00 : Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals

6010 : Microsoft OneNote

This course explores all the basics needed to become proficient with OneNote 2016. Learn to manage, share and collaborate on your Notebooks.


Duration :

Instructor Led : 8 h

Live Online
Instructor Led : 8 h


In this course, you will develop digital note-taking skills by creating, modifying, and managing OneNote notebooks that work with other Microsoft Office programs. After completing this course, you will:

·  Navigate and customize the OneNote interface and environment.

·  Add and format text, images, audio, links, and drawing objects to a notebook.

·  Embed Excel spreadsheets and attach other files to a notebook.

·  Categorize, organize, and search notebook content.

·  Check spelling in, print, and password-protect notebooks.

·  Use Outlook and OneDrive to send and share notebook content.

·  Export notebook content and manage notebook history and backups.

What’s OneNote

·         Getting around the User Interface

·         Associated Account, OneDrive Personal, OneDrive For Business

·         Settings, Quick Notes

·        Hierarchy: Note Books –(Section Groups) –Sections –Pages –(Subpages)


Taking and Formatting Notes

·         Basic Formatting (Fonts, Bulleting, etc.)

·         Styles (Headings, Titles, etc.)

·         Tags (Checklists, Designations, Marking, Custom tags, etc.)

·         Tables, Pictures, Recorded Audio

·         Files (Attachments or Printouts)

·         Links, Equations, Today’s date

·         Text Mode, Lasso Select, Insert Space (or remove space)


Draw & Sketch -Advanced features

·         Pen Selection, Eraser

·         Ink to Text –> only on Desktop or in the web

·         Ink to Shapes

·         Page Color and Lines (paper or grid lines)

·         Page Width (show all content –> pinch out.. Space is not a limit..)

·         Ink to Text –> only on Desktop or in web (use available apps like Nebo, MyScript Stack, etc.)

·         Powerful Search Feature (text including handwritten notes and printouts, recent notes, tags, authors, etc.)


Share & sync

·         Share NoteBooks with others

·         Page Versions (history), Deleted Notes (only on Desktop or in the web)

·         Protect notes with a password


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Live Online*
Σε αναμονή Instructor Led
Σε αναμονή Instructor Led
Σε αναμονή Instructor Led

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